Barbara Arredondo's Exercise For Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs That are Holding You Back

If you tuned in to last week’s episode of the show (or set your DVR) then you received a massive dose of inspiration along with a set of VERY valuable business and mindset tools that you’re most likely already incorporating into your #mindsetmonday goals for the workweek! :) I know all of us at BZen HQ are!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch this episode yet, you can view it now by visiting the show’s YouTube channel at :

Let me fill you in about Barbara Arredondo…she is one of the TOP Real Estate agents in the city of Dallas- and she has the D Magazine 2018-2019 Top Real Estate Agents list title to prove it, which means she’s trail-blazed her way up through the glass ceiling. (In an extremely competitive field, in an extremely competitive market).

Of course we all know that success like that doesn’t just happen by chance, so it was beyond exciting when Barbara decided to share her success strategies with all of us on the show!

One of my favorite tips from Barbara’s episode was this exercise she shared from her business coaching sessions (which she credits with taking her career to the next level). If you want to bust through the emotional barriers that have been holding you back, here are the steps Barbara recommends that you can follow too:

  1. Get a notebook or piece of paper and something to write with

  2. Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed

  3. Get comfortable and take a few nice deep calming breaths (it’s not easy to look within, so congratulate yourself for committing to this exercise)

  4. Think about how you speak to yourself on a daily basis. What are your thoughts like? What are some of the things that you say to yourself that aren’t uplifting or encouraging? Draw a line down the center of your piece of paper, and write those things down on the left side of the line.

  5. Now go through each thought that’s not serving you, and reframe it like Barbara did when she took the negative thought, “When I walk into a room people don’t see me” with “When I walk into a room I know that people see me.” Even if you have a hard time believing the positive reframed thought at first, write it down on the right side of the line and begin calling to mind evidence that supports this positive thought.

  6. Once you’ve identified both your negative subconscious beliefs and the positive ways to reframe these thoughts, be sure to practice them daily! You may even want to keep them in a tiny notebook in your purse, wallet, or pocket until they sink in.

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