Being Yourself + Getting Organized With HOTELette Founder Allison Crawford

Interviewing Allison Crawford was so inspiring! Getting to chat with such an accomplished businesswoman (Check out her Forbes feature Here: ) who has a really balanced perspective on her journey was grounding and affirming of my own winding career path.

We all need that little confirmation sometimes, that voice that says, “just relax…or you’re doing great…it’s all good” Allison brought that vibe of acceptance and openness in her interview. And I knew our audience would get as much out of getting in touch with this mindset as I did! We actually turned it into a 2-part episode, so stay tuned!

Side Note about personal growth and how I want everyone to connect through the show~ *I think we all take something different away from these interviews depending on where we’re at in our lives when we watch them. When I re-watch old episodes I always find a new nugget of information or something that makes me think…because I’m in a different place in my personal growth now than I was 5 months ago etc, just like I’m sure you are!

And even though I was literally there conducting these interviews…there’s something different about watching them back and having the space to really think deeply about the overall messages coming through these beautiful accomplished souls. That’s what makes this growth process so much fun! When we love and accept ourselves, we can be open to learning new things and hearing different perspectives without feeling threatened- and that openness is where all the adventure is waiting! Read on to get inspired, organized, and as productive as Allison Crawford. :)

Key Takeaways From Allison’s Interview

Ok, so here are the things I personally took away from the interview and my time spent with Allison, someone whom I now consider an inspirational friend that you guys will continue to see more of. :)

  1. Accept that your career journey is not going to look like anybody else’s.

    Do what you need to do to be successful, and have a clear plan the whole way through. It’s guaranteed that your life will NOT follow this exact plan, but staying focused on your goals and gaining new skills will help you remain a co-collaborator with the universe/opportunities that arise on the path.

  2. Recognize that hardship strengthens you and try to embrace it!!!

    Ok this one is HARD. But hello- the story of selling copiers on Wall Street and having to go to at least 50 companies PER DAY in the blazing summer heat of NYC…and hearing the word “no” continuously. Allison credits a large part of her success to her ability to push through the word no and blaze her own trail.

  3. Being a leader means holding yourself accountable first and foremost.

    Ahh this one is GOOD!!! It’s so hard not to slip on this at times. Who else has ever fallen into complaining and overwhelm…oops GUILTY! This is a great reminder that each of us is in control of our little sphere of influence. The choices we make and the way she show up effects everything else in our lives. So the next time I want to complain, I’m personally going to remember this part of the episode, and hold myself accountable to embrace leadership instead.

  4. Let go of societal pressures and embrace your authentic self.

    Just like the free thinking Aquarius she is…Allison talks about the importance of not judging ourselves for being different or having a timeline that other people don’t understand. When we commit to that for ourselves, we have the freedom to let others be in control of their own lives without judgment as well.

  5. Being organized is a skillset that can be learned!

    Who else was relieved to hear this?! You heard it on the episode, and sadly it’s the truth…I am a recovering MESS! Lol

    But seriously…I have struggled with organization ever since I can remember. Even as a child I was always accidentally leaving my lunchbox in my locker (for days), forgetting to make up my bed, couldn’t find my papers, and getting in trouble for not hanging up my clothes. I’ve created some methods over the years to improve…which is probably how I’m still alive tbh. But hearing Allison say that she also used to be messy and now she’s successfully built habits (using a method called habit stacking) to change this was really exciting! Hear that Mom, there’s still hope! The conversation inspired me so much that I found a great book about organization, and am also reading the book Allison said changed her life, Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Below are the links to the books and resources you can check out if you’re also a recovering messy person~ Shout out to all of the creatives we love! HA

B~Zen Boss Resources *Tools you can use to keep building your skills like a boss

For a Boost in Feeling Solid About Your Career Journey:

A book about honoring your unique career Journey, written by another B~Zen Boss guest you’ll meet this season:

Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson

Marie Kondo’s Methods for Organizing Your Home + The book Allison called “life changing” in our Interview:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:

Use Habit Stacking to Change Your Habits Like Allison Did:

Check out this Forbes article for a quick overview of the method

We are all doing this together, collectively learning and sharing our gifts…we cannot do this alone ladies! In the spirit of love and collaboration, share what you learned, more resources you found, questions, comments, love, and gripes by dropping us a comment under the posts about Allison’s episode on the BZenTV instagram Page Here>

Talk to You Soon B-Zen Bosses!


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