Peachy Keen Studio

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Cruelty Free Hair Salon

Great for: Hair Extensions, Lash Extensions, Color/cut, and makeup Classes

“We empower our clients to feel beautiful from the inside out, by providing an ethically conscious service in a fun girl boss community.”- Peachy Keen Studio

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Amanda Montgomery Law

My law firm was created with the singular goal of providing legal services and access to small business owners in DFW. Mid-size and large businesses have the luxury of several attorneys to handle legal issues, but small businesses are often underserved and left behind. My law practice is open to absolutely everyone, and it's my sincere hope that my efforts will further serve to support women entrepreneurs in our community. There are so many of us, and we are all better served when we've established a broad network of professional peers who can give objective advice and access to resources.

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Sociologie Wine

Sociologie Wine™ began as a beloved party favorite surrounded by fun music, wonderful conversation, and lovely family friends. In her very own kitchen, using her soirées as inspiration, Amy customized an assortment of sophisticated wines blended to perfection with delicious fruits and natural ingredients. Each wine was tailored for a specific special occasion. For many years, she graciously served her refreshing wines and soon guests began requesting them by the bottle. Amy found herself preparing and bottling her recipe as party flavors with demand multiplying after every celebration!

In early 2010, with passion and a plan, she diligently sought to create Sociologie Wine™ to capture and epitomize the “art and science of entertaining socially chic”. Amy explored a variety of American wineries that could produce her wines on a grand scale, and after months of optimistic meetings she secured a meeting with a local winery nestled in the heart of the Mimbres Valley of Deming, New Mexico. After tasting Amy’s hand-crafted wines they happily decided to begin production of Sociologie Wine™!

In 2011, Amy partnered with renowned New York fashion designer Brooke Hagel to personify her new wine collection as a symbol of chic soirées and style. In August 2012, Sociologie Wine™ launched two varietals in Texas – ‘Blushing Rose’ and ‘Red Berry’. Since then, Sociologie Wine™ has received phenomenal response and a huge following because of its modern-classic look and fresh flavor that reflects a stylish celebratory experience.

The Sociologie Wine™ collection of premium wines represents fabulous women of permissible drinking age.

Please visit our blog for upcoming Sociologie Wine™ events, parties, and tastings.

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Nailed Up by Vero

Nailed Up is a Cruelty-Free/ Vegan Salon specialized in Nail Art and nail care. We strive to provide you with the best Nail experience you've ever had every time you sit in our chair. Getting Nailed Up it’s that glow-up feeling from a fresh mani. But not just any manicure, a manicure that turns head and inspires compliments from strangers on the street. It’s walking in for a new set, and coming out feeling like you’ve spent an hour chatting with your bestie, who happens to be a true artist with products that are Toxin-Free!At Nailed Up we offer trendy nails without the Toxic chemicals or the strong fumes.


Barbara Arredondo

Barbara’s understanding of client services stems from many years in business and project management in the telecommunications industry. Today, as a REALTOR®, Barbara leverages her experience in every step and detail of your real estate transaction. She’s no stranger to complex transactions, crafting strategic marketing plans, facilitating negotiations, and her Client’s love her for it!

Barbara’s approach to real estate is focused around getting to know her clients and taking care of them from the beginning to the end.  She makes buying or selling your home an incredible and memorable experience.

“I’m a proud resident of East Dallas since 1997 and a home owner since 2002. I love walking my dogs while scoping out un-chartered territory. I can’t imagine living anywhere else…Dallas just has my heart!”  In her spare time, Barbara enjoys hanging out with her family and three lovely dogs. She works hard to extend her outreach to her community by serving on the board of Director’s of her homeowner’s association and a proud member of an all woman’s professional network, Pearls & Pinstripes.

“Business happens over years and years. Value is measured in the total upside of a business relationship, not by how much you squeezed out in any one deal.”  —Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur

Andee Sloot

Andee Sloot graduated from Texas A&M University and spent several years in the insurance industry before pursuing a career as a full time Financial Advisor. Her background in insurance laid the foundation to understanding her client’s comprehensive financial well-being.

 When it comes to what’s truly important in your life, you deserve advice you can trust from an advisor who knows and understands you. Through a committed and ongoing relationship, Andee works diligently to understand all parts of your financial life. Together, you build a personalized plan that can help you achieve the financial confidence you need to pursue your passions.

 Andee specializes in meeting the financial needs of women and their businesses. — She is experienced in helping women and their families in all stages of life plan for their financial futures. No matter what your goals are, you want to make sure all your efforts pay off…today and tomorrow, so you have the flexibility to do what matters most to you. She can help by working with you to build a financial plan tailored to your life. Andee asks purposeful questions and listens closely to your answers to understand you and your priorities to provide you with proactive, goal-oriented advice. Andee is passionate about helping her clients live the full and rich life they have worked towards and is committed to helping them be brilliant.

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Everyday Therapy Podcast

Tune in to hear a couple of therapists having honest conversations about emotional wellness and self-development.


We ask experts and influencers about their personal mental and emotional journeys and share ours. Inspired by our journey in therapy as the clinician and client we realize therapy has so much to offer on and off the couch. Everyday Therapy’s mission is to inspire mental and emotional wellness into your everyday life with stories and tools to navigate all the experiences life throws your way.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @everydaytherapypodcast.

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Daniela Bell Beauty

Daniela Bell Makeup Studio came to life to be the perfect space for all people interested in not only better their appearance but also to feel empower through beauty!


The studio was created to accommodate Daniela’s growing clientele and expand her fervent love for artistry and teaching. With her extensive knowledge and skills within the world of beauty, Daniela locate herself and her artistic team into a space where she can provide you with only highly trained  artists that are able to perform and teach with her own signature looks.

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The studio offers Makeup, Hair styling, microblading and makeup classes. No matter what the situation might be Daniela’s Studio offers  it all!!