First Look BTS With BZenTV!

Hi BZen Bosses!!!

We've decided to try out something NEW...Welcome to the first ever BTS of BZenTV VLOG!!!

In our new vlog series we're taking you with us on-set! So get ready to see what really goes into Boss Babe Brit Madrid's producing and hosting of her own talkshow ~ airing on ABC in Dallas and Austin!

And BUCKLE UP because it's never boring! Case in point...this video opens with Brit getting her hair done by Marsi Hubbard, the founder of Brite Bar Beauty... after Marsi literally found Brit in the bathroom looking a mess and hurriedly trying to do her own Hair + Makeup between production tasks! Ahhh haha a day in the life you guys... Thankfully we have Guardian Angel Boss Babe Goddesses like Marsi (YES these magical ladies deserve ALL 3 titles! HA) who show up when we need them the most.

This aptly brings us to the subject of the on-air segment's featured guest...the woman who INVENTED the #Collaboration Over Competition Movement, with her conference that spawned all other female focused conferences- Create & Cultivate CEO Jaclyn Johnson!!! The Founder of Create & Cultivate and author of the WorkParty Book/ Podcast ) is definitely not a "casual" guest to have on-set! Everyone was a little starstruck but held it together… And Jaclyn turned out to be just as witty, motivated, and generous as you would imagine! (Don't you just love it when that happens...?!?!) As I said at the top of the vlog, if you haven't heard of Jaclyn yet, get out from under that rock hunny and check her out!!! haha

But first, mentally prepare yourself to get all the warm fuzzies from feeling totally "seen" then MOTIVATED AF to reach all of your goals...go ahead...we dare you! :)

Jaclyn's Impressive Credentials:

Get in the know with Boss Babe blog posts + upcoming C & C Workshops/Conferences/Events:

The WorkParty Podcast:

Jaclyn’s IG Handles: @jaclynrjohnson @CreateCultivate @workparty

And of course- Tune in to the episode to watch Jaclyn’s interview! It’s airing on BZenTV in Thursday’s late night lineup 10/10 on ABC-WFAA Ch 8 in Dallas at 1:11am and on ABC-KVUE Ch 3 in Austin at 1:07am!

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