Be an active expression of the love you wish to see in the world. Shine the light of your unique gifts with equal parts strength and humility...and NEVER allow self-doubt to sway you from focusing on the beautiful life you are here to create for yourself.
— Brittany Madrid

Life isn’t about perfection- and we want EVERY woman to know that in the depth of her soul!


At BZen we believe that our value is found in the authenticity we bring to every situation. The only way to succeed in this life is to rise together- sharing our gifts and connecting from our heart centers. It’s this collective energy that gives each of us the strength we need to go back out into the wild world and make our mark!

We want you to think of BZen as your space of renewal and acceptance. The place you come to recharge, feel warm and fuzzy, get inspired, learn something, and experience joy!!! We want you to have all of these good vibes so you can create the fulfilling life you envision- from the inside out.

At BZen we are NOT seekers, we are creators and collaborators. Your gifts are already inside of you waiting to be discovered and cultivated. The beauty and progress of true collaboration only occurs once we’ve done the work individually and are then able to give and receive our gifts with a tribe. If you’re here reading this- we know you are here for a reason and are a member of this tribe. WE DON’T BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES!

We know that there is nothing to seek outside of ourselves. We only need to be inspired and have access to the tools necessary to bring our big beautiful dreams into concrete reality.

Thank you for being a beautiful companion on this crazy journey. We are sending you so much love and can’t wait to connect with YOU!